Birthday Fishin'

Jul 19, 2017, 2:32:51 PM

It was a pretty easy day in the office on my birthday! ;)
I thank God for such a beautiful day at this beautiful park, and to be able to share it with Uncle Bum!

July Fishin Bum
July Fishin Bum 2

I did catch a decent little bass and had some huge nibbles that got away. But I enjoyed this spot i found, more than the fish I found. This is, by the way, Rock Island State Park.

Thanks for snapping these fine fishing portraits Bum!

July Fishin 2
July Fishin 1

I was working on this composition, kind of a fine art piece, that I would call The Triple Threat.

Then I got out the super comfy seat on this Jackson Tripper, and decided to stay a while. A got an even better composition!

Tripple Threat 1
Tripple Threat 2